Friday, December 15, 2017

penny rose: five months.

one month.

two months.

three months.

four months.

five months.

sweet pea, 

life has been BUSY!  we are in the middle of the holidays and things are not slowing down, including your growing!  you are growing like a week my dear and i have to say this is my favorite baby stage.  you are alert, happy, smiley, rolling a ton, but not yet crawling.  you tried a bit of rice cearl this month and you rocked it!  you knew exactly what to do when food was placed in your mouth.  so we are hoping you are a rockstar eater :)

you are so chill my penny pin.  you go with the flow, flash your smile constantly and nap on the go (thankgoodness!) your favorites are your sisters who love to get in your face and play with you.  you have started to giggle with them, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  

keep doing what you are doing sweet girl cause we simply cannot get enough you!  we love you we love you we love you!



Saturday, October 21, 2017

penny rose: four months.

 one month.

 two months.

 three months.

four months.

penn penn, 

my love - 4 whole months!  i adore the four months milestone - you are so awake, interactive, cooing, ALWAYS smiling and so much more in the mix of things :)  you have discovered your vocal cords and are LOUDLY telling us you are around, especially if we leave the room.  seems like you don't want to miss out on one little thing :)

you have rolled over a couple of times and really don't seem to mind being on your tummy for periods of time.  your sisters are constantly loving on you and giving you toys to play with.  you have started giving them big smiles which they of course LOVE!

you are drooling a TON, always sucking on your fingers, loving your paci, and continue to be the spit up queen.  you are such a little nugget (compared to your sisters) measuring in at the 30% for weight.  you handled your 4 month shots like a champ - way to go sweetie!

we simply cannot get enough of you! so much LOVE and so much JOY coming from YOU being brought into our family.  what a special time it has been getting to know you.  you, penny rose, complete our little family and it feels so very good.

we love you we love you we love you, 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

three months: penny rose.

 one month.

 two months.

three months.

my love bug, 

you are one smiley, happy and chill baby!  and since you are the third kid in our family - we could not be more grateful and appreciative of your laid back attitude :)  you continue to coo and smile a TON these days and obviously we cannot get enough of them.  so keep up the good work!

you are a spit up queen and have had some epic blow outs.  meaning mama and dada are CONSTANTLY changing you.  you always do these things with a smile on your face so it is hard to stay mad at you for long.  

you and i are doing a mommy and baby pilates class together so i can get some exercise.  today, you slept like an angel, last week not so much.  

you are constantly watching your big sisters run about around you and love to give them big smiles as well :)  i look forward to watching your relationship with both of your big sisters blossom in the months and years to come.

we love you dearly sweet one and are so happy you are ours!

all our love, 


Friday, August 25, 2017

penny rose: two months.

 one month.

two months.

our dearest penny rose, 

TWO MONTHS my love!  you have grown a ton this month - giving us SO MANY smiles, which all four of us simply LOVE.  you are getting some good chub and rolls on your thighs and your rosy cheeks are getting rounder.  and you have started to coo, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever! you are one happy and relaxed baby :)  

you had your first airplane ride on your two month birthday.  you totally rocked it and slept the whole time!  we headed to the mountains to go have some relaxing time outside and you were a total champ.  it felt so good to escape the heat and be doing family activities as a family of five.  

you are our best sleeper yet and starting sleeping through the night at six weeks, giving us 8 or 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.  we realize how SUPER lucky we are that are you the BEST sleeper and have been keeping this information to ourselves :) 

your big sisters start school next week and i'm really looking forward to some quality time just you and me in the mornings.  we love you dearly and simply cannot get enough your sweet face.  so keep doing what you are doing my love!

we love you! we love you! we love you!



Tuesday, July 18, 2017

penny rose: one month.

one month

my dear penny rose, 

ONE whole month has flown by and I cannot even begin to describe the absolute JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS you have brought into our family and home!  you my sweet one complete our family and make it a family of FIVE!  

your big sisters are totally smitten with you and simply cannot get enough of you.  constantly wanting to hold you, snuggle you and help feed you.  they even want to watch/help us change your dirty diapers :)  big sister logan is your protector, always telling us what you are up to (basically if you are awake or asleep), helping put the paci back in your mouth and always wanting to give you big snuggles and hugs.  she keeps saying "we have the cutest baby in the whole world.  i'm so happy we have a baby in our family."  big sister nora wants to constantly play with you.  her voice gets real high as she talks to you and lays down next to you.  she wants to pick you up, hold you and give you lots of kisses.  and always wants to know where you are if you are not in sight.  

my love, you are one chill and healthy baby and we could not be more thankful!  you go with the flow and like to eat - averaging 4 ounces every 2/3 hours.  you are a rockstar sleeper and are giving us 4 hour stretches at night - alleluia!  you give us lots of little smiles (we know they are just gas smiles) but hey we will take them :)  

we love you beyond measure my sweet girl.  we cannot wait to watch you grow and witness your little spot in our family of five.  we are forever grateful you joined us little one.  

we love you we love you we love you, 

your mama

Monday, January 09, 2017

logan and nora's bday parties.

well, hello.  again, sorry for the silence....but here are a few pictures from the girls bday parties.  logan turned FIVE in november and we had a party at her playground at school with a octoaunt/shark theme of course :)  nora turned TWO last week and my vision of a backyard party at the house was derailed with a high of 35 degrees - so we moved everything inside for her celebration. 


Saturday, October 08, 2016

park city 2016.

so sorry for the silence, what can i say - life is busy!  here are few pics from our time in park city, utah this summer!